who we are

As a dynamic and established organization, GOLDENPORT is a game changer in the de-slopping, de-bunkering and tank cleaning services. This is primarily due to our team of experienced and professional staffs who have been specially selected for every specific task.

With our fully owned barges, we have full and complete control over every aspects of the operations. In addition, our in-house technical team who consists of former mariners will assist and advise so all our de-bunkering, de-slopping and tank cleaning services can be performed smoothly with minimal turnaround time. Our entire teams of various departments are committed to provide a smooth and invaluable experience for the clients.

At GOLDENPORT, we pride ourselves with our benchmark work standards and ethics that strongly emphasize on our basic motto of prompt COMMUNICATION, vast KNOWLEDGE and irrefutable DILIGENCE.

  • Honest and reliable
  • We are experienced and passionate
  • We are always available

Our Mission

  • To strive for excellence and success as an industry leader
  • To provide a personalized and customized service to our principals
  • To build and maintain a lasting relationship with our principals

Our Vision

GOLDENPORT aims to be the leading and most recognizable service provider for de-slopping, de-bunkering and tank cleaning. Hence, setting a benchmark in the work standard of the industry.


Our Values

To provide a service that is based on:

  • transparent and prompt communication,
  • knowledge that we have gained from our vast network and years of experience
  • diligence that is ensured by our 24hrs availability and structured work methodology.