Our fully owned barges operate from the border of Singapore to as far as the South China Sea on the East and the Straits of Malacca on the West for the purpose of de-slopping services with attractive barging rates.

All of our de-slopping services are coordinated by an experienced Tanker Master and slop acceptance certificates are issued onboard after completion.

Slops are first allowed to settle for at least 72 hours to ensure complete transparency on the final oil quantity recovered.

All slops are delivered to end receiver and/or approved facility in accordance to Marpol 73/78 protocol.


Operating at OPL, our barges attend to vessels with de-bunkering requirements due to compromised bunker or cargo. Similar to de-slopping services, all operations are also coordinated by a Tanker Master to ensure smooth operation.

We are able to arrange for external pump and equipment to enhance vessels pumping capabilities during de-bunkering operations.

Also, we assure competitive buy-back prices based on de-bunkered fuel quality.

Riding Crew for Tank Cleaning & Repair

Our team of professionals is trained to execute any tank cleaning services. Equipped with mandatory certifications, these professionals are experienced to perform these tank cleaning services in various types of vessels. Supervisor(s) will always oversee this task to ensure both safety and quality are established.

In addition to tank cleaning services, we are also able to assist with riding crew for voyage repair for all types of vessels.


Therefore, in this fast-paced and “round the clock” industry, we believe in not only in being available to do the job but we essentially aim to complete the task to full satisfaction without any hassle for the clients.

  • We offer competitive rates and rebates
  • We assure complete transparency on oil content
  • We aim for satisfaction